New FairChain Harvest: Ready…Set…Go!

Kilil and the Class of '17

Oh we love the smell of red coffee cherries in the morning! Yessirree, it’s that time of year again: harvest time. This harvest season Moyee is working with some 340 smallholder farmers. This week they all gathered in Limu, Ethiopia to walk through the FairChain playbook.

In the name of radical transparency, this is how we organised our playbook meeting:

-Color selection: handpick only the ripe red cherries. Leave the rest to ripen on the branch. Seems logical to us, not always logical to coffee farmers. But essential to quality control.

-Elect board of representatives: All these smallholders operate independently of each other, which makes its near-impossible to negotiate a good deal with potential buyers. Our solution is an independent collective with a board of representatives capable of gathering information and representing the farmings in areas of payment, training, education and even healthcare. It’s their collective, we’re just helping make it happen.

-Contract signings. That’s right, each of our outgrowers signs a FairChain contract. It’s not one of those 50-page mindboggling things, but it is a legal promise to pay each farmer that sells us their entire harvest a 20% FairChain premium. This way they guarantee sale of all their best beans, and for you dear friend it guarantees you great FairChain coffee.

-Photo Opportunity: Our local researcher, Genene, took the opportunity to snapshot each smallholder farmer in the house. This is great — put a face to the name. Soon you won’t just know precisely where you’re FairChain coffee is coming from and the name of the farmer, but you’ll also be able to look that farmer in the eye.

How’s that for a quick FairChain roundup? Enjoy!

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