Sneak Peak @ ‘Life Is Unfair’ Impact Report 2017


Has it really been a year since we published our Impact Report and threw an epic party for our fans??? Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby! 365 days is a long time to go without our Naked Facts, Failures and Victories…

Some may even eagerly be waiting for our 2016 update. Well, we’ve got your back. We’ve spent the greater part of the spring gathering data and calculating numbers for another ‘Life is Unfair’ report, 2017 edition.

To whet your appetite, we’d like to give you an exclusive sneak peak at a few stats.

  • Awareness: In 2016 Moyeestas drank nearly 6 million cups of FairChain coffee! That’s an incredible jump from the 3,7 million cups consumed in 2015.
  • In our shotgun survey 6 out of 10 Moyee drinkers are familiar or very familiar with our FairChain principles. That’s great news. It means you care!
  • Our Ethiopian team exported 25,000 kilograms of FairChain coffee to The Netherlands in 2016. That’s roughly 52% of all FairChain coffee consumed in this wonderful country. What’s more, 55% of all that coffee went into the pockets of Ethiopians. Who says FairChain don’t work! Nestle, are you listening!
  • In 2016 we accounted for the direct creation of 29 jobs at our Addis Ababa roasting facility. Add our FairChain supply chain to this, and then we indirectly supported 177 jobs. One small step for coffee, one giant step for FairChain, or something like that.

See! Every sip you drink does have impact down the chain. Reward yourself with a cup of coffee, because we’re only getting started! Stay tuned for the full story in our online publication. Lots of facts, lots of figures, but most of all lots of pictures!!


Read more about our moonshots in our soon-to-be-published impact update

Wanna know more about our moonshots in 2016? Our 2017 Impact Report update is coming very, very soon!


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